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My friend, I’m glad to see you! I am Amin Malekzadeh. I am an Iranian filmmaker, professional photographer, teacher and researcher and currently living in Dubai, UAE, I hope you enjoy my portfolio and then we can create something great together!

Born: 28/10/1981 in Bushehr

Winning prizes
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Where magic happens My office

This is the office of my institute (Irsa Academy) in Shiraz, I will have various services for you here, I have a Drone school here, but due to the fact that I live in Dubai, I rarely attend this place. You can either meet me in Dubai or if you have a project in  Dubai & Iran I will be waiting for you in Shiraz office.

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I am a photographer and filmmaker and have a bachelor’s degree in photography

I have considerable skills in photography and filmmaking, I am the winner of 3

international gold medals in photography, 2 FIAP honor ribbons, more than 15 diplomas of

honor and the best photographer award in 35 awards and various other international

festivals. I am very interested in aerial photography, especially aerial photography with

drones, and I have about 20 years of experience in the field of photography, filmmaking

and photography teaching.

I live in Dubai as a freelance photographer.

The last film I made in Iran was a 13-episode series titled “Higher than Fars”, which was

produced and broadcast in Fars province on the order of Iran Television Network.

I have already experienced such a documentary project with ITV UK and RT France.

I also worked with several news agencies as a photographer.

I have written several specialized books, including teaching aerial photography techniques with drones.

I am interested in genres, sports, food, fashion, architecture, tourism, portraits, landscape, documentaries, nature, events, music and aerial photography.


Bachelor’s degree / Photography at Shiraz news Iran – Shiraz

February 2016


Employment history

Freelance Photographer and media manager at

Al Bait Al Qadeem Groupe

November 2022 – Present

United Arab Emirates – Dubai

Freelance Photographer & Documentary filmmaker

April 2022 – Present

United Arab Emirates – Dubai

Founder and Director of Irsanama Film Studio Institute

Jan 2021 – Present

Iran – Shiraz

Managing Director at Irsa Golden Cluster Technology Institute

February 2018 – Present

Iran – Shiraz

Founder and CEO, Irsa Cultural and Artistic Institute

I am in this institute to produce documentaries for Iranian and foreign television and media

As a school, we also provide training related to commercial drones.


مرکز آموزش

Academy manager at Irsa

July 2017 – Present

Iran – Shiraz

Founder and instructor of Irsa UAV Training Center as the first official UAV training center

in Iran that has received its license from the National Aviation Organization.

Freelance Photographer at YJC News

March 2019 – Present

Iran – Shiraz

News and documentary photographer, preparing video reports and sending them to the

news agency of the Radio and Television of Iran Reporters Club.


Freelance Photographer & Videographer at IRIB News October 2016 – March 2019

Iran – Shiraz

News and documentary photographer, preparing video reports and sending them to Iran

Radio and Television News Agency


Photographer & Videographer at Irsa Institute

January 2001 – January 2018

Iran – Shiraz

Photography instructor

Photographer and documentary filmmaker, Irsa

مرکز آموزش



My artistic achievements:

Certificate of achievement in the 8th annual international photography competition 35AWARDS:

Top 10 Dubai Photographers

Top 35 UAE Photographers

Top 35 Aerial photography in the world

Top 300 Black & white photographer in the world

Top 35 Aerial photography in the world

Top 150 Aerial photography nomination in the world

Top 200 Urban landscape (Architecture) nomination in the world

Issued in: June 2023, Russia  

 FIAP Golden medal -Photography

Nowrooz festival Photography

Issued in: May 2022

FIAP Golden medal -Photography

Issued in: Fargona festival March 2023

GPU Golden Medal of Photography

festival DIRI 2022

Issued in: August 2022

GPU Golden Medal of Romania Bucavina

Photography festival 2022

Issued in: November 2022

FIAP Ribbon Issyk kul Photography 2022

Issued in: June 2022

FIAP Ribbon Badakhshan Photography 2022

Issued in: 2022

Commendation Award by the Jury of ISFA Canada Photo Festival

Issued in: June 2023

Commendation Award by the Jury of ISFA Canada Photo Festival

Issued in: March 2023

Finalist the title of the best photographers

in the Green Storm International Festival, India 2023

3 Honorable Mention in festival

Photography Syrdaria Tajikistan 2022

Issued in: November 2022

Best of contest, 35awarsds, Water surface

from a drone

Issued in: October 2022

Top 2% of Photography festival,

35awarsds Blank and white Landscape

Issued in: August 2022

Appreciation of the jury

of ISFA Canada Photo Festival 2023


First place in the police short film festival 2018.


First place Photo Festival

Issued in: June 2014


Top Coach UAS Irsa

Issued in: February 2022

UAS Safety Certificate

Issued in: January 2022

Certificate of Honorable Mention

Issued in: January 2022

Training Course centers License UAV

Issued in: December 2021

Certificate of Drone pilot training coach irsa

Issued in: December 2021

Token of Appreciation- Irsa Managing

Issued in: August 2021

Certificate of participation in the photo exhibition

Issued in: August 2021

Token of Appreciation Elite and researcher

Issued in: October 2019

Drone pilot

Issued in: June 2017

Second place Photo Festival

Issued in: February 2017

Training Course completion, Certificate Social Film Documentaries

Issued in: September 2015

Training Course completion, Certificate

Social Film Documentaries

Issued in: August 2015

Movie portfolio:

Director and producer of the documentary series “Fars Above” (13 episodes)

Employer / applicant: Fars Central Radio and Television

Related link: https://youtu.be/KkjSrCZT0QA?list=PL3lCNl1x5Q3HuRx5hBgqimywazFYT_YC1

Aerial photography of the documentary “Kingdom Come 2017”

Client / Applicant: Australian film company red dog collective

Related link: https://youtu.be/iufaX6HIdK0



Aerial shooting of the documentary “Joanna Lumley’s Silk Road Adventure”

Client / Applicant: Order ITV UK

Related link: https://youtu.be/KWFepyiU4x8


Director and producer of the documentary Guardian of the Sea

Employer / Applicant: Bushehr Naval Command – Bushehr Center Broadcasting

Related link: https://www.aparat.com/v/N5XtG

Aerial photography of Zoroastrian documentary film

Employer / applicant: RT France

Related link: https://www.aparat.com/v/zwvjc

Aerial photography of the documentary film Persian Gardens

Employer / applicant: RT France

Related link: https://www.aparat.com/v/yUumc

Aerial shooting of the documentary One Day with the Commander in Shiraz

Employer / Applicant: Third Channel of TV

Aerial photography of the Turquoise Nights program

Employer / Applicant: Fars Network

Related link: https://www.aparat.com/v/9HJPk

Director, producer and cinematographer of the documentary Merck World Rally

Employer / Applicant: Motorcycling Federation

Director, cameraman and editor of the special ten-part series of Mr. Saz’s program

Employer / Applicant: Irsa Institute

Related link: https://irsamusic.ir/category/music-video/%d9%88%db%8c%da%98%d9%87-%d8%a8%d8%b1%d9%86%d8%a7%d9% 85% d9% 87 /



  • Founding member of Fars Province Photographers Association
  • Official member of FIAP International Photography Federation and Focus Club
  • Official member of Groshat photographers community as a master photographer
  • Official member of the Association of Press Photographers of Iran
  • Filmmaker and lecturer of Fars Youth Cinema Society


Photography exhibitions: 

  • Aura International Exhibition in Kolkata, India ,2023 June
  • Individual photo exhibition: The first photo exhibition of tourist areas of Fars province in Syria, Damascus 2022
  • Photo exhibition of tourist areas of Fars province in Turkmenistan 2023
  • Individual photo exhibition: the first exhibition of aerial photos and tourist areas of Shiraz in the summer of 2019 in Shiraz
  • Participation in more than 10 group photo exhibitions in Iran


My artistic achievements:

How does this happen? In process

Here I would like to show you the photo processing. Sometimes you can not see the result without direct comparison. So I will show you a direct comparison before and after photo processing, improve the color brightness.

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