Syria Exhibation

The land of Pars has an ancient history and holds beauty in its heart and fascinates the eyes of every viewer, this land has a civilization of more than 2500 years. The heart of this beautiful land is the city of Shiraz, since long ago Shiraz was known for its beauty and glory, every photographer or tourist wishes to see this land and the legacy of its civilization. I also love this eternal heritage and the indescribable beauty of the land of Pars, and I tried to create works that are worth seeing from a photographer's point of view My photos take you to the heart of the history of Iran and the land of Pars, the beauty that has its own stories from every angle, I always tried to take photos from the less seen angles so that you can stare at them for hours and dream The collection of photos of the land of Pars is an overview of the history, civilization and nature of this land, an interconnected collection that expresses the historical symbols, culture and art of the people of this land, these photos are a document of the faith, kindness and compassion of the people of Iran Some of the images were photographed with a drone and show you a view that is not visible to you even if you stand next to it, and most of these natural places undergo changes that may disappear in the future. I have brought a corner of the land of Pars with me in photo frames to tempt you to see and touch this land closely and leave your memories in this land I invite you to the land of Pars, a land full of love, beauty and civilization.

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