who am I? About Me

A few words about myself Nice to meet you

My friend, I’m glad to see you! I am Amin Malekzadeh. I am an Iranian filmmaker, professional photographer, teacher and researcher and currently living in Dubai, UAE, I hope you enjoy my portfolio and then we can create something great together!

Born: 28/10/1981 in Bushehr

Winning prizes
Work samples

Where magic happens My office

This is the office of my institute (Irsa Academy) in Shiraz, I will have various services for you here, I have a Drone school here, but due to the fact that I live in Dubai, I rarely attend this place. You can either meet me in Dubai or if you have a project in Iran I will be waiting for you in Shiraz office.

How does this happen? In process

Here I would like to show you the photo processing. Sometimes you can not see the result without direct comparison. So I will show you a direct comparison before and after photo processing, improve the color brightness.

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Photographer of Mizan News Agency (www.mizanonlin.ir)

Photographer of IRIB News Agency (www.iribnews.ir)

Representative of the UAV working group of the Iranian Aerospace Industries Association in Fars province.

Chairman of the Board of the Negin Javadaneh Cultural and Artistic Institute of the City of Arts

Managing Director of Irsa Golden Cluster Technology Institute (www.digitalirsa.ir)

Official member of the Iranian Association of Press Photographers

Photographer of the Young Reporters Club of the Radio and Television of Iran (www.yjc.ir)

Director of Public and International Relations of Fars Tourism and Automobile Association (www.shiraztaci.ir)


Photographer, filmmaker, cinematographer, UAV pilot (aerial photography), editor, graphic designer, calligrapher

Instructor of helicopter courses, photography, UAV piloting, photo editing


Bachelor of Photography from Shiraz News Faculty

Movie portfolio:

Director and producer of the documentary Guardian of the Sea in 2019 and broadcast on Bushehr Network on the National Day of the Persian Gulf, May 30, 2019

Aerial photography of the documentary “Rise of the Kings of the Kingdom Come” commissioned by the Australian Film Company, which was filmed in 5 countries.

Aerial shooting of the documentary “Joanna Lumley’s Silk Road Adventure” commissioned by ITV.

Aerial photography of the Zoroastrian documentary commissioned by the French RT network

Aerial shooting of the documentary One Day with the Commander in Shiraz 2018 and broadcast on the third channel of Sima

Aerial photography on the occasion of NAJA week and broadcasting of the family program of One Sima network

Aerial photography of the Turquoise Nights program for 8 nights in May 2019 in Shiraz, Hafezieh and Saadiyeh and live broadcast of this program on 5 national networks, Fars and Jam Jam World Network

And aerial photography of dozens of television programs and documentaries and broadcasts on television

Director, producer and cinematographer of the documentary Merck World Rally (ready to air)

Director, producer and cinematographer of the documentary “Above Fars” commissioned by Shiraz Municipality 2021

Director, cameraman and editor of the documentary Paradise on Earth commissioned by Shiraz Municipality

Director, cameraman and editor of “Maharloo” Lake Nature by order of Shiraz Municipality

Photographer and editor of the short film, “Shoor Eshgh”

Director, cameraman and editor of the special ten-part series of “Mr. Saz” (Mr. Saz)

Director, cameraman and editor of Sassanid documentary (Bishapour, Sassanid Palace, Ardeshir Babakan Palace, Firoozabad)

Director, cameraman and editor of “Bushehr Ziba” documentary commissioned by Bushehr Governor’s Office and Bushehr Youth Cinema Association

Director, cameraman and editor of Bushehr Ziba documentary commissioned by Bushehr Governor’s Office and Bushehr Youth Cinema Association

Photographer and editor of telefilms in the realm of love

Production of educational and documentary films for various organs, including the police


Mizan News Agency, Radio and Television News Agency, Official Member of the Iranian Association of Press Photographers, Reporters Club News Agency

Write a book:

1- Writing a book on training UAV guidance (DJIGO4) 2- Training UAV piloting 3- Teaching aerial imaging techniques 4- A photo book on the dream of the land of Persia by Persian photographers


Solo photo exhibition: The first aerial photo exhibition and tourist areas of Shiraz summer 2019 in Shiraz

Participated in more than 10 group photo exhibitions in Shiraz and Bushehr

First place in Media Photo Festival and Public Order and Security in 2015

Second place in the beautiful city photo festival in 2015 in Shiraz

First place in the police short film festival (within the organization) 2019

Elite within the organization in 2016

Selected the first Bushehr National Photo Festival in 2021

Receive more than 40 statuette and plaque titles

Achievements and
My documents

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